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Taizhou innovation Electronics Co., Ltd. annual production of 10 million display bracket automatic s

  • 發布時間:2018-01-13
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Category of EIA
Serial number
entry name
Construction site
Construction unit
Environmental Impact Assessment Agency
Date of publicity
Annual production of 10 million display bracket automatic surface treatment technology transformation project
No. 189, Youxiang Road, Taizhou port economic Park, Gao Gang
Taizhou innovation Electronics Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Joli Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. (EIA No. 1959th)
November 20, 2017

Note: according to the relevant provisions of the guidelines for the public information disclosure of the environmental impact assessment of construction projects (Trial Implementation), the above-mentioned environmental impact reports are not included in the state secrets, business secrets, personal privacy, and the contents of national security, public safety, economic security and social stability.



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