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Innovation Electronics Group Co., Ltd. Taiwan office has been approved by the Ministry of Commerce.

  • 發布時間:2009-10-04
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    in September 28, 2009, the Ministry of Commerce of People's Republic of China approved the establishment of an office of Taizhou innovation Electronics Co., Ltd. in Taipei county. This is the first investment project in Taiwan to Jiangsu and issued the certificate of enterprise overseas institutions.

    our company mainly produces computer rotating shaft and constant force spring, supporting production for many customers in Taiwan and Korea. In 2008, the company realized sales of RMB 100 million yuan. In order to keep the product from the fast changing speed of IT industry and to connect with the frontier technology, our company decided to set up an office in Taipei County, mainly engaged in market investigation, research business activities, contact customers and after-sales service.  

    in June 30th this year, since the Taiwan area opened the investment of mainland enterprises to the island, our company is the first project to complete the examination and approval procedures of the mainland part and obtain the approval certificate in Jiangsu. At present, our company has completed the location selection of the Taiwan office, and is pressing for the relevant examination and approval procedures in Taiwan area for early opening.

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